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Paper Sizing Agents – Roles and Significance

Surface sizing agents are materials that are applied to the surface of paper to improve its strength and printability. These agents work by creating a barrier on the surface of the paper that helps to protect it from moisture and other environmental factors. This barrier also helps to improve the surface strength of the paper, […]

Alkyl ketene dimer – New Age Paper Sizing

Alkyl ketene dimers (AKDs) are a family of organic compounds based on the 4-membered ring system of oxetan-2-one, which is also the central structural element of propiolactone and diketene. Attached to the oxetane ring of technically relevant alkyl ketene dimers there is a C12 – C16 alkyl group in the 3-position and a C13 – C17 alkylidene group in the 4-position. The main application of alkylated ketene dimer […]

Difficulties for persistent control of foam in pulp operations

Pulp and paper makers need to reduce excessive foam created in the pulping process, when extracting cellulose fibers from wood, and during the washing process when making products such as Kraft brown-stock. Also due to various contaminants, foam is a permanent trouble during recycling operations. To process, manufacturers use foam control formulations, ‘antifoams’ or ‘defoamers’. […]

Paper Machine Runnability – Retention Aid

Retention Aid is the key to cost savings in a paper mill. Retention aids are used at the wet end of a paper mill to improve the retention of fine particles, fillers, additives & sizing agents during the formation of paper. Particularly retention aid is needed to be added in the alkaline paper-making process, but […]